Powerful ads feature animals tied up like garbage bags

An argument can be made that in order to deserve respect from other humans, you need to be human. However, with peoples deep love for animals, it raises fundamental questions about the basis of moral rights. 

It’s almost never acceptable to exploit or use animals in a way that is not in the best interests of the animals concerned. That’s why Swedish-based animal ethics organization Tier Im Recht recently released a series of advertisements to get people to donate to them.

At first glance, the advertisements look unassuming. But upon closer inspection of what looks like garbage bags, the realization will dawn on viewers. What appears to be garbage bags actually shows a black cat, dog, and rabbit being tied up. These three advertisements come with body copy that say, “Some animals are treated like garbage.”

foundation-tier-im-recht-animals-garbage-bags-1 foundation-tier-im-recht-animals-garbage-bags-2 foundation-tier-im-recht-animals-garbage-bags-3

Animals may not have rights in the same way that humans have rights, but we should aim to treat them in the way that’s best for the animals concerned. And where this does not conflict with what is best for human beings.

Did these ads make you think about animal ethics? Or do you think that these ads went too far? Either way, Tier Im Recht is seeking donations over at their website.

Source: http://www.adeevee.com/2016/10/foundation-tier-im-recht-cat-dog-rabbit-print/