12 myths about sex you probably didn’t know

There are plenty of myths surrounding sex and our attitude towards pleasure. In fact, popular culture often tends to build up sex as something illusive or grandiose.

But lets face it, sex isn’t like it is on television; it’s noisy, messy, smelly and even awkward at times. Many people feel dissatisfied with their sex lives if they are unable to orgasm, either through poor stimulation, lack of sexual knowledge; even just an inability to let go. But one of the main stumbling blocks happens to be that we’re just too worried about it.

For example, if you think that the size of your penis determines how pleasurable sex is, or that watching porn is detrimental to a relationship, think again. Both are common misconceptions, according to this infographic by The Institute for the Study of Urologic Diseases.

Discover those and other busted myths regarding sex in the infographic below.

12 myths about sex you probably didn't know

12 myths about sex

1. Penis size determine a woman’s pleasure

No. Of women who were asked what was important, only 21% said length while 32% said girth. And only 1% claimed that it was very important. The usual length of an erect penis is 3.5 inches, while the average is around 5 inches.

2. Masturbation stops when a relationship start

A definite no. In fact, 85% of men and 45% of women stated that they continue to masturbate while in a steady relationship. It’s a natural behaviour that has no age boundaries; occurring more frequently in younger men and women when in their 30s.

3. Homosexuality is a pathological condition

Back in 1974 it was no longer considered a pathological condition. In fact, according to this study 3-7% of the population is homosexual.

4. Picking your partner is based on sexual performance

A series of studies in 37 countries around the world found that when women choose their partners, they look for someone who can secure for raising children: financial prospects, creativity, and ambition. Men, on the other hand, choose characteristics that represent fertility – i.e. youth.

5. Men are always ready for sex

Not necessarily. In some cases, men who believe they must always be ready for sex often present erectile issues more often than those who don’t share that belief. Sometimes men just don’t feel like having sex; they may feel tired; they may feel like developing an intimate or emotion relationship with their partner first; or they desire a more erotic context for sex.

6. The duration of sex is at least 30 minutes

6-10 minutes is the average time from penetration to ejaculation. From there, the time drops to 3 minutes or less for men with erectile issues. And for men with premature ejaculation, the average becomes 1 or 2 minutes.

7. Sex is a daily activity for most couples

It’s not as often as you’d think. Most couples have sex 1-2 times per week. 45% have sex a few times a month, while 35% have it 2-3 times a week. 13% have sex a few times a year, 7% have it 4 or more times a week, and only 1% won’t have sex for nearly a year.

8. Men must always bring women to orgasm

One of the myths I’m sure a lot of men are glad to be busted. Women’s most pleasant sexual experiences are related to feeling a connection to someone and are not entirely caused by orgasm. 85% of women who reported orgasm difficulties, stated that they’re sexually satisfied. Therefore, it’s not necessary for sexual contact to lead to an orgasm.

9. Birth of a child benefits a couple’s sexual life

Unfortunately not. In fact, after the first 8 months couples stated that the quality of their relationship was either average or bad. This increased from 1% before childbirth to 20% afterwards. And 4 years after childbirth, sexual desire and satisfaction was just as low as when it was recorded after the first 6 months. However, the frequency of sexual contact increased from less than once a month to 1-2 times per month.

10. Porn is catastrophic to a relationship

A study of 8,376 people found that low to medium frequency viewing was actually beneficial to a relationship; increasing sexual frequency, quality, and the level of intimacy between couples. While in a relationship it was reported that 76.8% of men and 31.6% of women watched porn individually. However, about half of men and women reported watching porn with their partners.

11. You don’t have sex after 60

As much as we don’t want to think of old people having sex (unless you’re into that sort of thing – not judging), there is no age limit to enjoying sex. 60% of men and 64% of women between 60 and 80 are satisfied with their sexual function. Thus, although sexual activity is reduced, satisfaction remains high.

12. Sexual problems are frequent only among men

The last of our myths to be busted by this study show that it happens in 40-50%, compared to only 20-30% of men. While sexual problems are frequent in both genders, problems can be caused by either biological of psychological issues.

For more information, visit The Institute for the Study of Urologic Diseases. Let us know what myths about sex you’ve heard and share them below.


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