Quickshot photo app help you shoot better photos

There are times when editing you photos gives them that final boost to show their maximum potential; which takes time. That’s why Lightricks, the developers behind Facetune, Memoji and Enlight, has launched the Quickshot photo app.

The app, available for iOS users, aims to provide instant photo editing with the use of artificial intelligence. The Quickshot photo app offers automated editing, both for speed and users without the expertise. It also offers a handful of more customized controls for further enhancements for advanced users. And according to the developer, the app is designed to balance ease-of-use and power.

“Today’s high-quality mobile cameras have created a new class of photographers who share their lives through the lens of their mobile device. With Quickshot, we’re equipping those users with tools they need to make every photo picture perfect,” said Zeev Farbman, co-founder and CEO of Lightricks. “It’s a simple app for users of every skill level. They can access a fast, intelligent, and easy-to-use photography studio on their mobile device, without ever having to sacrifice quality or control.”

Quickshot photo app uses AI to auto crop and rotate

The Quickshot photo app starts with four shooting modes:


HDR (high dynamic range) prompts you to tap the screen to automatically calibrate exposure settings. Thus taking the best shot in hard-to-capture lighting conditions.


Quickshot is where the AI comes into play. It automatically aligns your shot in portrait or landscape by cropping off-level edges, apply lighting enhancements, and previewing live filters before capturing a shot.


Photo lets you shoot without the auto-level feature.


And finally, strobe mimics the effect of a strobe light and long exposure photography for amazing ‘action images’.

Quickshot photo app batch photo editiing

The Quickshot photo app also lets you edit any image in your library using a Quickfix auto-enhance tool; cropping, making plane adjustments and custom rotations, as well as a variety of built-in filters. You can tap any filter to further reveal more photo adjustment tools when editing a shot. You can edit up to three images together using the same adjustments. And Pro customers can batch edit four or more shots; they can also create personalized filters, saving them to apply to any shot.

Along with the AI editing, live previews, and batch mode, the Quickshot photo app also includes a number of different presets. The presets are ideal for portraits, nature, urban, and more, with each category adjusted specifically for those types of images.

You can get the Quickshot photo app for free on the App Store, with the optional Pro subscription or one-time purchase to unlock all and future features. Looking for other cool apps? Discover those that stole the show at the 2017 Apple Design Awards.

Source: http://mashable.com/2017/09/03/download-this-quickshot/

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