Taco Bell is now testing a Kit Kat stuffed quesadilla

Taco Bell is testing its latest food mashup in the US: a quesadilla stuffed with, not cheese, but a Kit Kat. Released last month, the fast food restaurant announced that it’s experimenting with Chocodillas in Wisconsin.

If you happen to be in Wisconsin, you can grab one from participating locations for only US$1. According to a Taco Bell rep, the Chocodillas feature melted Kit Kat bars grilled on the inside of a flour tortilla. The Chocodilla is not Taco Bell’s first venture into the realm of dessert. It began selling the Chocodilla in the UK last year before unveiling it in the US a few weeks ago.

Apparently, a Twix version has been sold at some locations as well, according to Brand Eater. While it may not look appetizing, think of it as a fast food version of a crepe.

Chocodilla: Taco Bell is now testing a Kit Kat stuffed quesadilla

This is just the latest junk food ideation to come from a fast food chain. Taco Bell’s Locos Tacos turn Doritos into savoury taco shells, while Burger King coated sticks of macaroni and cheese and chicken fingers in Cheetos dust and threw them in the deep fryer. And then there are other oddities, like KFC’s US$20,000 Zinger Burger meteorite.

Have you had a chance to try these Kit Kat stuffed quesadillas? If not, would you like to?