The 4 traits of good vs great designers

There are plenty of bad designers out there, but there are also lots of good ones. A good designer is someone who has an eye for what works and what doesn’t; they’re more than confident with their design skills and can adapt to what’s asked…

Glass data discs capable of storing 360 TB for eons

Researchers at the University of Southampton have announced they’ve figured out how to store huge amounts of data on small glass discs.

Funny graphics of 2 cows explaining economics

Economics has become increasingly relevant in our globalized society. When we think economy, we think about everything from our personal finances to business and international trade deals. Economics deals with a lot of things including money and borrowing, production and consumption, trade, employment, and much…

10 things women expect men to know how to do

Are you a manly man? Some of the things women expect men to not be are testosterone-fuelled hulks; nor do you need to be a metrosexual or a skinny jean, plaid wearing, pretentious, bicycle riding hipsters. You can even be the type of man who puts on a well-tailored…