10 things women expect men to know how to do

Are you a manly man? Some of the things women expect men to not be are testosterone-fuelled hulks; nor do you need to be a metrosexual or a skinny jean, plaid wearing, pretentious, bicycle riding hipsters. You can even be the type of man who puts on a well-tailored suit for work, only to leave wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt; channeling my inner James Dean.

No matter what type of man that you are, there are some things women expect a man to have engrained into them. A woman will act as though she expects you to do everything for her as a way of testing how emotionally masculine you are. If you follow all of her orders and do whatever she wants, she’ll lose respect for you.

Why? It’s a woman’s natural instinct to find a man who doesn’t put up with being treated badly or unfairly. So if you want to continue to be a man in the eyes of the ladies, then check out this list of things women expect men to know how to do; put together by website Made Man.

The things women expect men to know how to do:

1. Grill

10 things women expect men to know: Grill

A summer staple here in Canada. Everyone should know this one. And I’m talking gas and charcoal; burgers, dogs, chicken, veggies, the works.

2. Drive stick shift

Imagine that you and your woman are being chased by terrifying aliens that want to abduct and probe you. You’re running through a field when you come across a 2005 Mini Cooper S. The keys are in the ignition, but, alas! It’s the 6-speed manual version and you can’t drive stick. Now you’re going to be probed by space rapists.

3. Change a tire

10 things women expect men to know: Change a tire

For many people, knowing how to change a flat tire is one of those things you learned to do when you were young, but forgot over the years. But even if you haven’t had to change a tire in years, it is extremely important for your safety and for your convenience to know how to change a flat. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere overnight, especially in the winter months.

4. Operate a drill or other power tool

Save yourself some time and money and DIY. It’s also nice to be able to do little things like hanging picture frames and screwing things together yourself.

5. Troubleshoot a broken appliance

Sometimes the fix requires a professional. But you should be able to at least do some diagnostic work to reach that conclusion before you bring that person in to tell you to replace a fuse.

6. Assemble furniture—even IKEA

10 things women expect men to know: Assemble furniture

It’s a pain in the ass, but someone’s gotta do it. And that someone is you. Keep in mind that assembling your own furniture takes time, especially if you only have done it once or twice before, and especially if you have never done it before.  Don’t lose your cool, take your time, read each step a couple of times to make sure you understand exactly what it is you’re supposed to do in that step.

7. Use a lawn mower

It should be simple enough. Gas up, prime, and pull the rip cord. I know it’s a chore, but it’s one of the things women expect men to do for them.

8. Things women expect is for you to find your way around

Or at least not be too ashamed to ask for directions. With GPS being a feature in most cars these days, that shouldn’t be a problem. However, they’re not always correct or there may be construction traffic to avoid.

9. Free a stuck car

Whether by shovelling, pouring salt or kitty litter, or by pushing with your own bare hands. She’ll be grateful if you can get her out of sticky situations.

10. Women expect men to defend them

10 things women expect men to know: Defend them

Against what, you ask? Anything and everything. Men are naturals when it comes to protecting the people they care about. Women feel safe because a true gentleman keeps the creepers away. Avoid a fight whenever possible, but don’t not afraid to engage either physically or verbally if it means protecting her.

Hopefully by now you realize that women don’t expect men to do everything. In fact, the more that men run around trying to please a woman, the less respect and attraction she feels for us. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t put in an effort to please her, but just don’t be her little bitch. Be a man. And before you head out, check out 15 rules for dressing like a gentleman.


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