Designer brews and sends out his own Resum-Ale

Having a good résumé is important for catching the eye of potential employers; having a clever and creative résumé lets you stand out from the crowd. Web and Graphic Designer Brennan Gleason went the extra mile with his home brewed Resum-Ale

Enjoying brewing his own beer in his spare time, Brennan decided to showcase his professional work with a specially designed beer carton. It holds bottles of his own blonde ale with his resume printed on the box. Each of the four bottle labels feature a piece of his work, as well as his logo on the bottle caps.

Designer sends out home brewed Resum-Ale

Brennan says he was inspired by other different and sometimes wacky self-promotion pieces he’s seen.

“I’ve seen beef jerky business cards and really weird stuff like that. So, I really wanted to do something along those lines.”

If you’re looking to hire a graphic designer, wouldn’t you love to receive a box of this Resum-Ale? Even if you don’t hire him, it certainly won’t go into the rejected pile.


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  1. Gloria Hildebrandt

    Great idea! A lot of work & certainly not cheap, but this would be highly attention getting.

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