Mesmerizing kinetic sculpture makes waves over Pershing Square

A suspended sea of delicate silver strands ripples over Pershing Square in Los Angeles. This mesmerizing kinetic sculpture casts moving shadows over those who walk underneath. 

Fake animal facts left all over Los Angeles Zoo

California-based comedian Jeff Wysaski, who goes by the handle Obvious Plant, has recently pranked the public. If you happened to visit the Los Angeles Zoo recently, you may have spotted some rather unusual facts regarding some of the animals.

Have the munchies? Try a marijuana-laced gourmet pizza

The latest food trend to come out of Los Angeles are pizza pies that’ll get you high. The idea may sound half-baked, but Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizza is a start-up by entrepreneur Henry Mark producing pizzas laced with marijuana.

Find out what the best type of beard is for your face

Not only is virtually every Hollywood actor sporting a meticulously groomed beard, now even corner office CEOs are bristling, too. Facial hair is all the rage now; a fashion trend I joined nearly 20 years ago.

A beautifully shot video shows how fedoras are made

In a society of mass production it’s easy for people to forget the importance of making something by hand. In Venice Beach, California, Nick Fouquet designs hand-crafted fedoras.

Sweet & delicious churro ice cream sandwiches

Finally someone has thought of it: Drawing inspiration from the shops Churros Calientes in Los Angeles and La Churreria in New York City, comes churro ice cream sandwiches. Sylvia Yoo made disc-shaped churros, and put a scoop of ice cream between two of these to create a sweet and…