Web service turns your rival’s logo into a penis

Does you have a brand rivalry going on with another company? Instead of spending another sleepless night wondering what to do about them, consider turning their logo into a penis. No, this isn’t joke. For a small fee of between US$25 to $35, website Penised will turn your rival’s logo into a penis-shaped one.

Created by two guys who wish to remain anonymous, they’ll replace your competitors’ logos with images of penises (scrotums optional). In an interview with Adweek, the founders, who work in the tech industry, said they were sketching concept logos for apps in a bar when they were struck by how some of the drawings looked like a penis. That got them talking and joking about logos that look like penises, and Penised was born.

In the first 24 hours of launch there were 330,000 visitors, and the first full week saw about a million. And though the project is meant to be fun and light-hearted, the creators are aware that they might be hit by legal action down the road, if the “litigious” nature of corporate America is anything to go by.

Satisfy your penis curiosities below and find out more about Penised here.

Logo penis concepts

FedEx Penis Logo eBay Penis Logo IBM Penis Logo Adidas Penis Logo Taco Bell Penis Logo Starbucks Penis Logo

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