Fashion retailer sells twigs for US$50 leaving Internet speechless

If you visit the website of fashion retailer Anthropologie, you’ll see a product called Birch Branch Bundle. Exactly what the name implies, this bundle of decorative twigs is not much different from what you’d find in your own yard.

They’re described simply as “birchwood” and “imported.” Overpriced clothing, beauty products, and home goods are all kind of Anthropologie’s thing, but these twigs have definitely struck a nerve with people. While some might appreciate this rustic piece of home décor, others are questioning the existence of the product which sells for the exorbitant price of US$51.45. 

One Twitter user commented“If you’re spending £40 on sticks then you need to get out more. Seriously. The ground’s covered in them.”

Another angry Twitter user wrote, “Whaaaaat?! I usually can’t get enough of Anthropologie, but £40 for a bunch of twigs?!” 

Birch Branch Bundle: Anthropologie twigs

Anthropologie’s review section of the twigs is also amazing; people are finding just as much humour in this as outrage.

“I’m very impressed by the quality of these sticks. They have a great fresh smell and they don’t have any dirt or grime! I have a lot of fun watching them lay around the house. Great sticks,” one user wrote.

“I received this bundle of sticks as a birthday gift. I had my eye on them for a while and was delighted when I unwrapped them. I have to say, they have lived up to all my wildest fantasies that are wood related,” another wrote.

The decorative bundle of twigs is wrapped in brown strings and contains 20 twigs in total. If you’re interested in purchasing some overpriced twigs, click here.