When an architect bakes desserts, this is what you get

Dinara Kasko isn’t your everyday pastry chef. In fact, she’s actually an architectural designer. So what happens when an architect likes to bake? Apparently, incredible things. She creates pastries by approaching them as if they were buildings.


The Ukrainian pastry chef has discovered this interesting connection between food and geometry. Since the main foundations of architecture and geometry are about creating beauty, Dinara’s been building a solid collection of some of the most incredible desserts. Dinara’s found that in pastries she can put the Voronoi diagram into practice. Keep in mind that the final product not only has to be edible, but tasty as well. It involves balancing factors such as form, volume, composition, proportion, colour, and texture.

dinara-kasko-architect-desserts-10 dinara-kasko-architect-desserts-1 dinara-kasko-architect-desserts-5

Each object’s creation begins from her inspiration, a shape, and her own style. Secondly, Dinara creates her own moulds, designed first on her computer. From there she can create the whole scale, proportions, vary the colour, texture, and choose decorations. Once that’s done, she prints the 3D master model on the printer and then casts the silicone mould.



“I have many unrealized ideas and a great desire to experiment. I don’t want to imitate others, I want to create something new,” she told So Good Magazine.

Dinara certainly has created something new. Now the only question now is, how do you eat something so beautiful?


Source: http://www.ufunk.net/en/food/dinara-kasko/

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