The world’s most beautiful geometric designed chocolates

Japanese design firm Nendo was declared Maison & Objet’s Designer of the Year. And to celebrate, they were invited to design a lounge for visitors at the furniture and design show. For the show — along with designing the lounge — they decided to create a treat.

Unlike regular treats, these beautifully designed chocolates are equally as appealing to the eye as to the mouth. Each piece of the beautiful geometric designed chocolates have been described as the world’s most beautiful. Furthermore, each piece possesses a unique shape that represent different Japanese textures.

The world’s most beautiful geometric designed chocolates

They claim that the different textures determine and change the taste of the chocolates, even though they’re all made from identical ingredients.

There are a total of nine different geometric designed chocolates. All of which fit the dimensions of a 26mm square cube and are named after Japanese expressions that describe texture; for example, “tubu-tubu” means small beads or balls, and “toge-toge” means sharp pointed tips.

The world’s most beautiful geometric designed chocolates

These beautiful treats are made with the same technique used for scale models in Japan, known as “plamodel”. The smaller parts of the geometric designed chocolates are moulded by machinery, then put together by hand to form the shapes.

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