More unbelievable places on Earth

Not too long ago, I posted some of the most unbelievable places on Earth to visit before you die. Now I’m back with more places on Earth that you need to see. Check them out below.

Dry Valley Desert, Antarctica


This region is ice-free and covers a large part of the Antarctica. Known as the world’s most extreme desert; it’s also an often victim of powerful catabolic winds, which can reach 200 miles per hour.

Glowing Lake, Russia


Located in Russia is another of the world’s most unbelievable places. This lake is known as Blue Lake and has no visible streams attached to it. The secret behind its bright blue colouring is connected with high levels of hydrogen-sulphide in its water.

Rio Tinto River, Spain


This river has been mined for copper, silver, and gold since ancient times. The excessive mining turned it into something that can be only compared to subterranean Mars.

The Patagonian Ice Field, Argentina

The Patagonian Ice Field is considered to be third largest source of fresh water on our planet. One of the separate glaciers it feeds is the Perito Moreno Glacier. It looks like a bleak wasteland of ice shards and snow, but is still one of the most unbelievable places to visit.

Needle-Like Rock Spires Forest, Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, Madagascar


These razor sharp rocks were formed by water eroding away the limestone. Despite looking so dangerous, they provide a home to hundreds of various wildlife species. However, only a few scientists have been brave enough to travel here for detailed research.

Minerva Terrace, Yellowstone National Park, United States


The Mammoth Hot Springs is one of the largest carbonate-depositing springs in the world. This place is famous mostly thanks to the Minerva Terrace, which consists of travertine terraces. This is exactly what can happen during thousands of years with hot water cooling and depositing calcium carbonate.

The Meeting of Tectonic Plates, Ethiopia, Africa


There’s actually a place in this world where the ground is constantly moving, and can disappear completely at any moment. It’s called the Afar Depression and can be found in eastern part of Africa.

Iron Spring, Beppu, Japan


Well, this spring is still filled with water, but it is so rich in iron that it turned red. No Photoshop trickery, just the works of good old Mother Nature.

The Crater of Fire, Derweze, Turkmenistan


Derweze is a small village in the middle of a desert with a 225-feet-wide hole in the ground. The secret of this place is connected with an underground field of natural gas, which has been burning for almost 50 years now.

Bull’s-Eye, Sahara Desert, Mauritania


The first interesting fact about this place you should know is that it can only be seen from outer space. Does its perfect bull’s-eye shape seems conspicuous to you as well? Second is that it’s not man-made. Known as the Richat Structure, it’s thought to be a symmetrical uplift that has been laid bare by erosion.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these beautiful, but unbelievable places on Earth. For a more haunting look at our planet, check out these strange, abandoned places.