No money to travel? Photoshop yourself a trip with ‘Fake A Vacation’

Is living the Instagram lifestyle becoming too pricy for you? If you want to maintain your seemingly glamorous, well-travelled lifestyle on a budget, then get yourself Photoshopped with this weird website. Fake A Vacation allows homebodies and Instagramming wannabes to have a photo of themselves digitally altered to appear like they’re on vacation.

How it works

Fake a Vacation

Customers first need to place an order for a photo package beginning at US$19. They’ll then receive a link to drop their pictures, as well as suggest which kinds of outfits they might want to wear in the photos. Finally, Fake A Vacation will superimpose the individuals against their dream destinations, including Las Vegas, Disneyland and Hawaii, among others. The backgrounds are offered by Krome Photos, a photo-editing and design service, with the whole process taking up to three days.

The fear of missing out

This may seem like a joke service, but lying about travelling is a far more common practice than you may think. According to a study that surveyed over 4,000 American adults over 18, flight cost-comparison Jetcost concluded that 14% of respondents lied to others about their vacations. 10 percent of that pool even went the extra mile to post a Photoshopped image on social media. If you’re wondering why people care so much, study participants claimed they felt embarrassed and wanted to impress others like the parents of their friends or partners, and colleagues.

Fear of missing out

“They fake it … sometimes because the actual vacation is too expensive, so they plan this way or sometimes they do it to get others envious,” says Tom Eda, who leads marketing and support for Fake A Vacation, adding that others have purchased faux vacation pics because they had to cancel their trip last-minute.

By Photoshopping images, Fake A Vacation feels that everyone can even have their peers envious of their lifestyles. The app was created back in 2017 as a way to satisfy the need for the service. According to Tom, the demand increased thanks to the rise of social media use.  This demand has allowed the company to venture into two other services: is set to launch by the end of this year and will cater to celebrities and influencers;, while it is still in the early stages, will hopefully serve as a platform for those who are looking for some travel inspiration.

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