The shocking things that happen every minute

Have you ever wondered what wonders could happen in a mere 60 seconds? Well, in this infographic by Minute of Life, it shows us 15 amazing things that happen every minute across the world.

From the number of litres of wine drunk to asteroids racing towards the earth, the world is full of wondrous and fascinating things. Every minute unlocks another adventure, so check out the infographic below and see what you’re missing.

The shocking things that happen every minute

15 shocking things happening every minute

  1. $3,137,187 are donated to charity; that’s a lot of selfless love!
  2. Speaking of love, there are 59 weddings happening
  3. 722,504 photos get taken
  4. 257 children are born
  5. 48,000,000 telephone calls are made
  6. 150,184 presents are given
  7. 45,632 litres of wine are drunk
  8. At his top speed, Usain Bolt could run 637 meters in one minute
  9. 14 meteors enter the Earth’s atmosphere
  10. 1,500,000 people have orgasms
  11. 1,875,000 people like something on Facebook
  12. 7 new articles on Wikipedia every minute
  13. One person can have 33 separate thoughts per minute
  14. 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube
  15. 5 books are published

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Source: http://www.visualistan.com/2014/10/15-shocking-things-happening-every-minute.html

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