From the creators of ‘Exploding Kittens’ comes ‘Bears VS Babies’

Matthew Inman may not be a household name, but you might know The Oatmeal, a webcomic that he created. Last year, he teamed up with game designer Elan Lee to create Exploding Kittens; a card game that became the most backed Kickstarter campaign ever. Well, they’re back with a brand new card game called Bears VS Babies

There are three types of cards in the game: Bears, Babies and Actions. Bear cards are the parts players use to to build their monster, including pieces like chainsaw arms and tank legs. The Baby cards are immediately played in the centre of the table and threaten everybody’s monsters as an adorable baby army. Action card modify monsters by doing things like cutting off limbs and also provoke the babies into attacking the monsters on the table. If the babies have more cards on the table than a monster has parts, they destroy the monster. If the monster has more parts than the baby army has members, the monster puts the babies in its scoring area called the tummy. Whoever has the most babies in their tummy at the end of play wins. Take a look below:


Although it may not seem like it, the game is actually kid-friendly. The card game require basic counting skills and its art has a charming style. Hipster parents everywhere will want to bring their children into card games and get them hooked at an early age. Plus, once the kids are in bed, adults can break out the NSFW expansion that’s available as an add-on.

By now you’ve probably guessed that like Exploding Kittens, the Bears vs Babies has exploded on Kickstarter. Only looking for a mere $10,000, at the time of writing this post, the project is at nearly $1.3 Million dollars and counting. So will Bears Vs. Babies surpass Exploding Kittens‘ $8.7 million take on Kickstarter?


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