Fotojet: An online graphic design tool for non-designers

For people who are serious about content marketing, but are design-challenged, this online graphic design software is up your alley. FotoJet is a popular and useful online tool for photo editing, graphic design and photo collages. So, if you want high-quality graphics but don’t have an Adobe subscription, this app is for you. 

Now, there are dozens of photo editing solutions out there, both online and offline; so what’s special about FotoJet? For starters, if you’ve used the other photo editing solutions, both free and paid, you know that there’s at least some training involved. Since popularity for making beautiful posters, blog and social media images, as well as infographics has risen, design software that is simple, intuitive and free is nothing short of good news.

How FotoJet works

The main interface has three major tabs: Create a Design, Make a Collage, and Edit a Photo. From there, each of these main tabs have plenty of options to choose from. FotoJet transitions through each of these design steps very smoothly.

  • FotoJet’s collage maker offers up a choice of dozens of layouts, templates, backgrounds, effects, and photos to choose from. It also has an easy feature to change the ratio of pictures in the collage.
  • The design feature offers several templates to get started. Or you can begin from a custom-sized blank template. You can then add from their stock photo, font, background, and effect options.
  • Finally, the Photo Editor lets you play around with your favourite pics, offering plenty of borders and effects.

Let’s get started.

Choose a design

You’ll be surprised to discover that FotoJet has wide variety of designs available for you to choose from. Browse through the options, and when you finally found the right design, just select that to start creating your design.

Add photos and/or text

Once you’ve chosen a design, you’ll need to add the photos and text you want to use. Here you can either upload photos directly from your computer, stock photos from Pixabay or via Facebook. After choosing the photos for your design, you have the freedom to adjust the size, contrast, colour, transparency, etc. The text generator gives you several different styles, colours, and typefaces both from FotoJet or your computer. Once you select the style it’s added to your design and you can begin to edit it.

Save or share your design

After configuring your photos and text, you can now save it and share it across your social networks. Or you can print it directly by using the FotoJet Online Photo Editor. Of course, if you want to save it for later, you can just simply save it as JPG or PNG to your computer.


This all in one image editing tool requires no installation and no configurations; you simply open it in your web browser and you are ready to go. And like the other online graphic design tools, you also have the ability to go Premium. And with that, you gain access to more advanced editing tools, custom sizes, and even a save/load project feature. There’s also 600+ premium templates, 500+ premium resources, and you get ad free designing.

So, whether you are someone working on a design project, a passionate blogger, or someone desperately looking create a custom card for a loved one’s birthday, this is one online graphic design tool you don’t want to miss.

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