The top 5 free infographic makers available online

When you have over a billion websites to choose from, along with the distractions of day-to-day life, getting consumers attention, and keeping it, is hard. With a staggering amount of information generated daily, people don’t have time to read an endless page of online content. In fact, most users will leave your page in less than 15 seconds if you haven’t done a good job of grabbing people’s attention.

If you’re a digital marketer, your content needs to be easy to digest in an eye catching and simple way; an infographic solves this problem. 90 percent of information our brains receive is information we gather through our sense of sight. In fact, our brains are able to process images 60,000 times faster than text.

With this information, it’s no wonder that infographics now play a crucial role in digital marketing. Liked and shared 3 times more than other content, an infographic can help you increase the communication of data, increase engagement on social media and increase website traffic. The only problem with infographics, however, is that they require lots of time and tools like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to produce.

So, to help you take advantage of your content, visual learning centre Visme has listed the top 5 free infographic makers available online. Take a look below and start designing your content for free today.


Infographic Maker Visme

Visme allows users to create interactive presentations, infographics and other engaging content. With tons of templates, and huge library of free shapes & icons to choose from, Visme allows users to create awesome visual content right away. The templates are set up simply and beautifully. If you wanted, you could just edit the placeholder text, insert your own, and publish your infographic.


Visme creates infographics, presentation, animations, ad banners, and custom layouts. You can insert and edit chart objects directly by changing the data values. It also has a large library of icons and images, as well as the ability to embed YouTube videos directly into designs.


The basic free version is limited and the infographic produced includes the Visme logo.


Infographic Maker Canva

Canva’s a powerful and easy-to-use online tool that’s suitable for all manner of design tasks. Comparable to an online Photoshop for non-designers, Canva has a vast library of images, icons, fonts and features to choose from. After finishing the brief tutorial, you can start a new design. With the dimensions done for you, depending on your project, you can focus your attention on creating beautiful designs in seconds.


Canva has an excellent (and short) intro tutorial to get you started, as well as more on advanced concepts. There are templates for social media, presentations, posters, business cards, and more. And it has a large library of images to choose from.


There are no editable chart objects, so you need to import your own data visualizations as images. You also have to pay for different image assets individually, instead of a monthly subscription.


Infographic Maker Piktochart

Piktochart is an infographic and presentation tool enabling you to turn boring data into engaging infographics with just a few clicks. Piktochart’s customizable editor lets you do things like modify colour schemes and fonts, insert pre-loaded graphics and upload basic shapes and images. It offers users hundreds of templates, as well as plenty of chart styles and interactive maps.


Piktochart’s themes and templates have a high quality design. It’s intuitive, allowing users to edit anything and everything with ease. Users can create infographics, reports, banners and presentations, and even embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo.


Unfortunately, it has a limited selection of free templates. Higher quality templates are available, but only with a Pro account.



Infographic Maker Venngage

An infographic tool developed by, Venngage offers users hundreds of professionally designed templates, charts, maps and icons. Users can pull widgets directly onto the canvas with a drag and drop system, as well as group or lock them in place.


Venngage has a wide selection of templates, icons and graphic assets. The drag and drop feature makes it simple and quick for users to create an infographic. It also allows users to upload their own images if they want.


The free version doesn’t offer users the ability to download projects or publish them privately.

Infographic Maker has the best charts. For illustrating data, this infographic maker has more than 30 different types of charts to choose from. Anything from bubble charts and tree maps to simple pie charts. Editing data can be easily done in their built-in spreadsheet, or you can import your own XLS, XLXS and CSV files.

Pros: has the ability to create and edit great charts by changing data with their built-in spreadsheet. They have the widest variety of available chart types, and can it embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo.


It can only creates infographics and charts, with a small selection of infographic templates. There’s no image library, so you have to upload your own image assets.

For more information on the features of these free infographic makers, visit their websites or Visme’s blog. Which do you think is the best infographic tool? Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below or on social media.