Instagram trial lets users see who takes screenshots of their stories

Instagram recently began testing a new feature that Snapchat helped make famous: notifying users when other people take screenshots of photos and videos in Instagram Stories.

Your days of quietly lurking on someone’s Instagram may be numbered. Users involved in the testing had a camera shutter icon appear next to the name of someone who took screenshots of that story. However, users won’t get a push notification when someone takes screenshots, TechCrunch reported.

Users involved in the trial received a pop-up, warning them that the stories’ creator would be aware of future screenshots. This is only a test. The company didn’t say if or when it will be implemented for all users.

“[W]e are always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you.” 

Normally, Instagram only alerts users when someone screenshots a private direct message. Instagram might be concerned with the impact this pending feature could have on stories viewership and usage.

Users aren’t welcoming the potential change, judging from their reaction on Twitter; users want to Insta-stalk their friends, family, and followers in peace. At present, viewers can also re-watch stories as many times as they want over the uploads’ existing 24-hour period.

How to take screenshots on Instagram without them knowing

If you prefer to Insta-stalk in peace, there are options to avoid alerting people that you’re taking screenshots of their stories.

First, if you’re using your smartphone, you can try switching your device into airplane mode, and then take screenshots. Should you be on your desktop or laptop instead, you can check out Instagram’s web page and simply screenshot the story from your browser window. Now you can creepily continue to Insta-stalk.

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