Creative’s life summed up in 8 hilarious GIFs

If your a creative professional, like a graphic designer, copywriter, art director, etc., you’re part of a global community where you all can relate to each others trials and tributes. Mumbai-based entrepreneur and product marketer Abhilash Krishnan, has created a hilarious collection of GIFs that creative professionals the world over can easily relate to.

The GIFs depicts situations that we creatives face on a regular basis, including dealing with late payments, last minute changes and urgent deadlines. It may not just our passion for creativity and our intolerance for mediocrity, but because we all have that one annoying ass client that bind us.

Take a look below and enjoy the entertaining visuals that sum up a creative’s life.

creative's-life-summed-up-deadline creative's-life-summed-up-monday creative's-life-summed-up-logo creative's-life-summed-up-changes creative's-life-summed-up-email creative's-life-summed-up-images creative's-life-summed-up-last-change creative's-life-summed-up-payment


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