Fusion Coffee Beans product packaging designs

Client: Fusion Coffee Beans
Agency: Eden Advertising
Project: Packaging Design

An online retailer for both Canada and the United States, Fusion Coffee Beans sells Arabica coffee beans for pairing and infusion with cannabis, CBD oil, or hemp oil products.

About the project

Before launching their e-commerce business, Fusion Coffee Beans imported three blends of Arabica coffee beans meant to fuse or pair with cannabis, CBD oil, or hemp oil products. Each blend required a name and after the client collaborated with Eden’s copywriters they were:

  • High Energy: A citrusy blend perfect for sativa strains to provide an energetic high.
  • Adventure: Providing an enjoyable afternoon pick-me-up, Adventure blend’s fruity tones go well with hybrid weed strains.
  • Coasting: This blend is made to suit the chill vibe and earthy notes of indica strains with a rich, chocolatey texture.

The next stage was creating the packaging designs each of these products that would go into an 8oz and 12oz foil bag. And after a few rounds of concepts and tweaking, the client chose a simple design that used colours to represent each blends’ mood and flavour.