Rising Furniture inspired by transformations in nature

Much like how pop-up books give stories dimension, Amsterdam-based designer Robert van Embricqs‘ Rising Furniture gives poetic form to function. If your home has so much furniture it’s difficult to move, these designs can give you some extra space.

Before creating his innovative award-winning Rising Furniture, Robert asked himself at what point is an object capable of dictating its own design? This led him to develop a minimalistic approach inspired by observing nature’s intricate transformations.

Robert van Embricqs' Rising Furniture

Robert is a graduate from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam; he follows the iconic Dutch designer’s philosophy of simplicity in construction. His chairs, tables, and bowls start life as flat, single pieces of bamboo. From there, he carves incision patterns to create bamboo beams; the base of his Rising Furniture.

Robert van Embricqs' Rising Furniture

Robert’s first creation was his Rising Chair. And since the foundation of any chair is the flat surface to sit on, he made several cuts in the beams and pulled up the different pieces. This created the preliminary but already distinct features of any chair: back, seat and legs. The pattern of the bamboo beams gives the chair an organic shape. The Rising Chair has taken part in many international exhibitions, and in 2011 it won the Red Dot design award.

Robert van Embricqs' Rising Furniture

Explaining the final stage of creating a piece, “I still didn’t know what shape the chair would take in the end. This is determined by the various arches of the beams the furniture is made of.”

Each piece of the Rising Furniture collection opens up to find its final form, like a flower in bloom. They transform flat surfaces into stunning pieces of furniture design. And when not in use, they can be seamlessly folded back up, concealing their secret structure.

Robert van Embricqs' Rising Furniture

Aside continuing his furniture line, Robert is focusing his attention on finding new ways to adapt the techniques he developed for outdoor and interior solutions. For more on Robert, visit his website.

Rising Furniture

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