Robotic planter chases the sun to nourish its plant in sunlight

Do you have a hard time maintaining your plants? Not to worry. A Beijing-based startup has developed a robotic planter that’ll make it so you’ll never accidentally kill a plant again.

Shazam-like app identifies plants and animals in your photos

If you’ve ever gone hiking and come across plants and animals you were unfamiliar with, and wanted to know more, there’s now an app for that. You could try to describe what you see and type it into Google. But you might not get the…

Whimsical, customizable monster plant pots

Maybe you live in an apartment, or have a kitchen that needs a little brightening up. Potted plants do more than just beautify your indoor space. Research has shown that keeping plants inside your home can fight indoor pollutants, keep you happier and healthier.