Tattoo Socks allow you to flaunt cool designs without getting inked

For most around the world, tattoos are a form of expression. For some it’s a rite of adulthood, tribal identity, artistic or beauty purposes, and so on. However, for those who are in it for style and beauty but aren’t looking for permanence, you may want to check out online shop Tattoo Socks.

Tel Aviv-based Gabby and Idan from Tattoo Socks sell made-to-order tights from its latest collection. Similar to tattoo sleeves, these cool designs—which are for your legs—will have you looking as though you’ve had your legs inked. Interestingly, these Tattoo Socks are made by hand; designed specifically to match the proper skin tone of the purchaser.

Gabby is the designer of these stockings. Together with Idan, they’re inspired by a great deal of aesthetics within the realm of steampunk. Other offerings the produce range from minimalist black-and-white designs to bolder, brighter colours with large prints.

View a selection of Tattoo Sock’s offerings below. Or you can find more of these wears online retailing for about CA$38.

Tattoo Socks

Pink Octopuses Tattoo Socks
Pink Octopuses
Climber Plant Tattoo Socks
Climber Plant
Birds and Ladies Tattoo Socks
Birds and Ladies
Snowy Trees Tattoo Socks
Snowy Trees
Exotic Birds Tattoo Socks
Exotic Birds

If you’re looking for actual tattoo ideas, however, check out these minimalist geometric designs.