An elegant bicycle you won’t be able to steal

Thanks to three engineering students from Chile, we can finally park and lock our bicycles safely in public areas. In The Yerka Project, the trio designed a bicycle that lets you wrap it around a pole or a tree—meaning people won’t be able to steal it.

After the theft of two bicycles from one of the inventors, the former engineering students pushed himself to tackle the maddening crime. Their solution was to create a frame that can be dismantled and reconnected to make a lock; all that being done in just 10 seconds, according to its creators. That’s comparable to the time needed to lock a conventional lock.

Yerka: An elegant bicycle you won't be able to steal

To use this locking bicycle you simply slide down a tube on the frame to open it up before looping the saddle across; thus locking it in place. The only way to take it would be to saw through it; making the bike useless for the person trying to steal it.

Watch the bicycle that cannot be stolen in the video below.

Yerka unstealable bicycle


After designing a successful prototype, Cristóbal Cabello, 22, Andrés Roi Eggers, 23 and Juan José Monsalve, 24 left their university course to throw themselves full time into the project. The young entrepreneurs sold 197 bikes in the campaign, roughly half of which were ordered by customers in the United States. A third went to Europe, with a small handful snapped up by Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Only 15% of the bikes were sold in Chile.

After their successful crowdfunding project, they put in their first order to produce 300 of the bikes at the beginning of August 2015.

Yerka: An elegant bicycle you won't be able to steal

“In the next four years, our goal is to sell a container of almost 300 units each month worldwide. But the most important goal is that customers say, ‘This bike is great. We love the bike you sold us and we will spread the word.'”

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