This $20,000 fountain pen is shaped like a rocket

Do you still write? Cursive handwriting and even print are starting to go the way of the dinosaurs. But if you still like to write by hand, and have a love for space, then you’ll love this fountain pen shaped like a rocket.

Swiss premium writing tool company Maison Caran d’Ache has teamed up with luxury watchmaker MB&F. Together they’ve created a limited-edition fountain pen, named ‘Astrograph’. Inspired by the childhood dream of MB&F’s founder Maximilian Büsser, the pen was designed to resemble a rocket with a hidden lever that activates three stabilizer legs. Thus allowing the unique writing tool to stand upright.

Caran d’Ache’s teams drew upon their technical ingenuity to construct this exceptional writing instrument that’s extremely comfortable in the hand. Both companies said that it was a massive technical challenge, requiring four years to develop the concept, plus another year for the functional final version. It contains no less than 99 innovative components; each created specifically for its design. And every unit required over 500 manual operations to manufacture.

The company announced that only 99 rocket-shaped fountain pens will be released. This as a tribute to the 99 components used to create the Astrograph. Retailing at $19,900US each, the rocket-shaped fountain pen comes in a lovely “Launch Pad” box.

To learn more about this stunning (and expensive) pen, visit their website.


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