Clever campaign for erotic books gets around censorship

How can you create an advertising campaign for a series of erotic books without getting dealing with censorship? That was the challenge for Brussels-based communications agency Mortierbrigade.

Using the playful humour frequently found between the pages of Belgian magazine, Humo, the ad campaign is a great example of creative marketing. It demonstrates how a publication could potentially avoid censorship while still succeeding in getting its intended message across.

The subtly suggestive ad campaign titled Liever Lust, is done by strategically placing two otherwise innocent-looking ads next to each other. The idea surreptitiously gets around censorship while still cleverly getting its message across. Take a look at some more below or click here for the full campaign.

In this political correct world we now live in, what are your thoughts on this campaign? Do you think it’s a clever way to get around censorship? Or should they have found another way? Share your thoughts.


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