8 funny charts illustrate everyday life

There are certain expectations associated with everyday life, like eating a good meal or sleeping well. However, expectation and reality are often two very different things.

We go about our day-to-day business without ever commenting on how strange it is. If you’re an observant person you’ll start to notice little quirks about everyday life. These aren’t necessarily big or important, but they’re the sort of things that happen to everyone, helping us relate to one another.

Drawing inspiration from these common quirks, the team at visual communications studio Column Five has created a series of illustrated charts. They highlight the divide between what we expect in certain scenarios and what actually happens. Take a look at these charts below and see if you agree with their visual storytelling.

Everyday life chart: School pride Everyday life chart: Your schedule Everyday life chart: Spices Everyday life chart: Navigating a convention Everyday life chart: The work day Everyday life chart: Burritos Everyday life chart: Sinks Everyday life chart: Getting older

Do you have any quirks that you’ve noticed? Share them below or on social media.

Source: http://www.visualnews.com/2015/09/28/8-observations-about-everyday-life-everyone-can-relate-to/

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