Futura-inspired font magically adjusts to look its best as you type

Five years ago, design studio Høly created Futuracha, which started as an experimental font. Based on the Futura typeface, but with an extravagant art deco style, it was published to give creative people the chance to explore and create. The response was overwhelming.

Many of those who loved it, used it in logos, magazines, clothes and even tattoos. However, at the time it only existed in a free .eps format, which made it impossible to simply type with it. That’s all about to change with a new Indiegogo campaign that seeks to make Futuracha Pro an open type font.

“The design is based on the basis of the pf futura book. The letters edges radically extend in a forceful way trying to remind the art deco’s style. The serifs are based on Claude Garamond typefaces. It was designed as a display text, so not recommended for extended texts. It’s most suitable for headlines and logos.”

The most impressive feature of Futuracha Pro is how it seems to magically adjust and readjust automatically as you write; all based on the preceding and following letter. This alternation ensures that the font always look great by presenting the right typographic principles.

The .eps font is available to download from Behance for personal use only. However, if you would like to support the Futuracha Pro crowd-funding project, head over here.