Watch: Hard-hitting PSA on smartphone use while driving

As we head into the Labour Day weekend, there will be a lot of people on the roads; either getting ready for school, or heading to the cottage one last time before the end of summer. Chances are that some of those people will also be on their smartphones while driving and not paying attention to their surroundings.

So, in order to discourage drivers from texting while driving, AT&T has created a new PSA for its fifth year of their award-winning campaign called It Can Wait. A recent survey that found that 70% of people engage in smartphone activities while driving. AT&T used this information to update their campaign to include other forms of smartphone distractions; things like social media use, web surfing, video chatting, email and more.

Close to home: Smartphone use PSA

The commercial, directed by Anonymous Content’s Frederic Planchon in partnership with BBDO, warns against the dangers of any smartphone usage behind the wheel. The ad plays out like a movie and at one point, involves the reversal of time. Planchon’s captivating directing salvages the typical accident scene commonly found in texting while driving PSAs. Take a look:


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