Heng Balance Lamp has a switch in mid-air

Do you remember the Clapper from the 90s? It changed how people turned their lights on and off. Well, here comes the next ideation of the light switch.

Chinese designer Li Zan Wen wanted a novel way to redesign a light switch. The challenge was to keep it functional and remain aesthetically pleasing. His solution was the Heng Balance Lamp; “heng” is Chinese for balance. And this desktop light relies on a pair of magnets, suspended on strings, to pull an internal switch.

The Heng Balance Lamp’s appearance and design are based on the traditional Chinese round fans and window frames. For these designs, Li used a high-quality beech wood material, because it represents the warm feeling of nature. The lights are placed inside the ring-shaped frame and, when turned on, the frame will illuminate.

The design concept won a Red Dot Design Award last year, and Allocacoc DesignNest is now lauching an edition of the lamp through Kickstarter. Breaking away from traditions, this lamps unique design is available for pre-order at DesignNest for $44.95US.

Source: https://www.wired.com/2017/01/heng-lamp/

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