Highly sexual words to add to your vocabulary

Daniel Dalton of BuzzFeed, who previously gave us a list of beautiful words, is back with a new list of words that you’ll want to add to your vocabulary.

Did you know that most of the new words added to the ever-growing English language are created from scratch. A good, albeit old example is the word dog, which is unrelated to any other known word. In the late Middle Ages it suddenly and mysteriously displaced the Old English word hound—which had served for centuries.

However, Dalton’s list contains highly sexual words that describe naughty moments in life. Words like sporking (spooning with an erection); masturnap (the act, either planned or unplanned, of falling asleep after masturbating); and sexorcism (sleeping with someone new to get over an ex).

Check out some of the highlights below or view the full collection here. You can also find these words and more in the Urban Dictionary.

Highly sexual words: Dick Inches
Highly sexual words: Porn Moment
Highly sexual words: Procrasterbating
Highly sexual words: Screwvenir
Highly sexual words: Fling Cleaning
Highly sexual words: Masturnap
Highly sexual words: Doppelbanger
Highly sexual words: Sexorcism
Highly sexual words: Masterwait
Highly sexual words: Ninja Sex
Highly sexual words: Road Bone
Highly sexual words: Condomplate

Will you be adding any of these new highly sexual words to spice up your vocabulary? Or do you have some of your own you’d like to share?

Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/danieldalton/can-t-fap-to-this#.lj9ZOKXekN