What would McDonald’s ads be like if done like Apple?

If your advertising is really good, people will try to copy you. And if you’re ad is a little over the top, you’ll start to get a few parodies. Take Apple, for example, and Shinola’s parody of the Apple watch.

What would happen if you applied Apple’s strategy to McDonald’s? McDonald’s ads have been trying to appear healthier lately with feel-good commercials and imagery of vegetables and other fresh produce; whereas Apple has been running smart, white-background ads that make their products seem cool, modern and sleek.

Well, BuzzFeed has taken that idea and created a funny commercial imagining just that. Take a look at this amusing, but somewhat non-sensical parody below.

If McDonald’s advertised like Apple

Now that you’ve watched the video, which is it really a parody of: Apple or McDonald’s? Share your thoughts below.


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