Learn how to escape zip tie restraints

Being restrained in home invasions and kidnapping scenarios, innocent people are increasingly being zip tied. With a quick Google search, you’ll see a number of situations where suspects used a zip tie. Because handcuffs are expensive and hard to come by, but zip ties are cheaply available at every hardware store. 

Having tried out a few of these methods, and they do work. Therefore with a little bit of practice, it’s actually fairly easy to escape from zip ties. Zip tie restraints were designed with a tensile strength sufficient to keep a person from applying pressure outward and breaking the restraints. A few simple tricks, and incorporate leverage, you can defeat their design.

Be well-prepared by watching the video below, should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being zip tied.

As you can see in the video above, all it really takes is a forceful smack in the butt (from your bound fists) fueled by momentum, pushing outward as you complete the range of motion. That is, if your hands are tied behind your back. If they’re in front of you, just pull in towards your stomach instead.


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