Colourful novelty glitter pills so you can crap festive

Have you heard the old saying that “what glitters is gold?” If you have a friend who goes overboard with decorations, treats and ugly sweaters, you can now help them to be even more festive! Give the gift that they can crap out this Christmas with Glitter Pills.

You can choose from an assortment of 30 types of glitter pills filled with different colours. There’s colourful ombre, elegant black and gold, and ones filled with luscious red glitter in pink topped capsules. Fortunately—or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it—these are just novelty pills.

Colourful novelty glitter pills so you can crap festive

One Etsy shop proudly sells these non-toxic glitter pills, but advises not to consume them. They’re actually intended for decorating purposes only. Too bad, it did sound like an interesting idea.

Head over here to purchase them as a fun novelty gift for that overachieving decorator to crap out this Christmas. And for more crazy holiday body decorating, try baubles for your beard.


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