Why owning a PC is like owning a dog

Did you know that PCs and dogs have lots in common? Well, OK, owning PCs and dogs are mostly similar – until you get to the part where you have to consider buying a new one. 

Dorkly illustrator Tony Wilson has created a humorous comic that compares the similarities of owning a PC and a dog. From when you first get it to its final moments, see how the two hold up below.

Owning a PC is like owning a dog

  • When you first get it, the little guy knows nothing and you have to teach it the basics.
  • You play with it all the time and it never gets tired.
  • You get mad when it craps out on you.
  • Sooner or later it gets infected with worms, and you endure the long process of cleaning it out.
  • It gets long in the tooth and doesn’t seem as interested in playing anymore, it kind of starts to smell, but you love it so much that you don’t care.
  • One day it just never wakes up.
  • But then you get a new one and immediately forget about your old crappy one ever existed.

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  1. Julia Bentley

    Starts out cute, ends with a pretty horrible statement. Every dog that has shared a part of my life is forever in my heart and memory.

    Also, when my PC gets old and doesn’t want to play, I get irritated and want to get a new one so I can throw it out.

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