Photoshop cheatsheet for novice graphic designers

While there are plenty of online tutorials available, it’s often difficult for novice graphic designers to know where to start. When opening Photoshop for the first time, it’s easy to look at all the confusing features and buttons. If only there was a Photoshop cheatsheet that could help you get started.

Learning as you click on random buttons would take too long. So, to ease your nerves, Creative Market has introduced a helpful infographic on the fundamentals of Photoshop. The cheatsheet covers layers, customizing your workspace, using brushes, adding effects and more.

While experience is the best teacher, having a Photoshop cheatsheet will at least help you get passed the frustration and anger of not knowing where to begin. So if you’re starting off as a graphic designer, put down the Photoshop for dummies book and check out the guide below.

Photoshop Cheatsheet Quick-Commands


  • Open File: Command + O
  • Open/Close Layers Window: F7
  • Zoom In/Out: Command + -/+
  • Select anything on the artboard on any layer and move it: Command + Option + Mouse-click
  • Image Size: Command + Option + I
  • Canvas Size: Command + Option + C
  • New Layer: Command + Shift + N
  • Merge Layers: Command + E
  • Merge Visible Layers: Command + Shift + E
  • Group Layers: Command + G
  • Select All: Command + A
  • Draw Straight Lines: Option-click with Lasso Tool
  • Free Transform: Command + T


  • Open File: Control + O
  • Open/Close Layers Window: F7
  • Zoom In/Out: Control + -/+
  • Select anything on the artboard on any layer and move it: Control + Alt + Mouse-click
  • Image Size: Control + Alt + I
  • Canvas Size: Control + Alt + C
  • New Layer: Control + Shift + N
  • Merge Layers: Control + E
  • Merge Visible Layers: Control + Shift + E
  • Group Layers: Control + G
  • Select All: Control + A
  • Draw Straight Lines: Alt-click with Lasso Tool
  • Free Transform: Control + T