Suntory’s non-alcoholic colourless beer lets you drink judgement-free

The colourless beverage trend in Japan includes drinks like yogurt drinks, milk tea, coffee, and most recently, beer. On June 19th, Japanese drinks giant Suntory is launching a non-alcoholic colourless beer; packaged in a plastic bottle, the company hopes it will be particularly popular with office workers.

Sure, the pubs of England may be filled with rowdy drunken shenanigans and Argentinians have their fair share of wine-filled late nights. But nowhere else is publicly knocking back a cold one as socially sanctioned as it is in Japan. What some might consider chronic alcoholism in the North America is perfectly okay, and in many cases considered good for your career, in Japan.

Suntory's non-alcoholic colourless beer lets you drink judgement-free

All-Free All-Time colourless beer

The beer-tasting, zero-calorie beverage called All-Free All-Time, comes innocently packaged in plastic bottles and cans. Developed as an extension of the existing All-Free line, it draws greater influence from soft drink bottle designs, as it utilizes plastic and iconography to denote its non-alcoholic nature.

The liquid within the bottle also received a redesign as it ditches the malt colour of traditional beer and replaces it with a colourless beer. This change in liquid colour adds to the drink being perceived as more of a soft drink. It also reduces the stigma of enjoying the beverage at work. However, the alcohol-free beverage is said to be infused with the taste and aroma of traditional beer.

All-Free All-Time colourless beer will be released in convenience stores across Japan beginning on June 19th.