The unintentional exercises designers do while working

It takes a lot of work to get a chiselled look and rock-hard abs. The way I see it though, who needs a six-pack when you have a keg. That being said, physical activity has a positive impact on brain health.

Vague understandings that more exercise is better doesn’t work, because more is not always better. Routinely exercising also isn’t better than an overall active lifestyle. There are diminishing and marginal returns with working out, as with salads, and in all things.

Over the past few years, prolonged sitting has emerged as a new health scourge.“Sitting is the new smoking”, headlines warn. But even as awareness of the problem grows, proposed solutions like regular activity breaks and adjustable-height desks have run into a problem: workplace culture.


As designers, we are pretty set in our ways, but we actually do a lot of exercises that we don’t even realize. Fortunately (or not), DesignTAXI has identified six types of unintentional exercises that can be observed at a designer’s desk when they are working. Designer Caisa Nilaseca has illustrated these exercises, including brain exercises and hand exercises. Check out the types of unintentional exercises designers do below:

unintentional-exercises-designers-mouth unintentional-exercises-designers-heart unintentional-exercises-designers-eyes unintentional-exercises-designers-brain unintentional-exercises-designers-stomach