If ad agency life was represented by bbq items…

No industry in the world is as masochistic as much as the advertising industry. We criticize the work we create and condemn the environments in which we create it. And then we denounce the same award shows whose recognition we covet so much. Finally we disparage the clients who pay us and then end up revelling in this self-hatred.


That’s why Dennis Chen, a student at VCU Brandcenter, has created a hilarious Tumblr page. Calling itself the Agency BBQ, the page imagines various aspects of life in advertising as common bbq items. Chen’s visuals are accompanied with witty captions such as “Please put us on everything” to reflect junior employee enthusiasm, as well as “Alarmingly Expensive” to describe Snapchat ad space.


You can preview more of his funny and clever visuals below. And if you want more, head over to his Tumblr page.

agency-life-represented-bbq-items-2 agency-life-represented-bbq-items-3 9 agency-life-represented-bbq-items-1 agency-life-represented-bbq-items-7 agency-life-represented-bbq-items-5 agency-life-represented-bbq-items-4


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