Advertising agency life roasted like BBQ items

If industry headlines and talk are to be believed, job-seekers should run for the hills rather than risk their sanity and professional fulfillment on ad agency life. High turnover, ever-shrinking profit margins, annoying clients, inequality, lack of work-life balance and clients taking business in-house. Hell, no other industry in the world is as masochistic as the advertising industry. We criticize the work we create and condemn the environments in which we create it. Then we denounce the same award shows whose recognition we covet so much and roast our clients just like BBQ items, only to end up revelling in this self-hatred.

Media Planners
New Biz energy drink

That’s why VCU Brandcenter student Dennis Chen created a hilarious Tumblr page calling itself the Agency BBQ. The page imagines various aspects of life in advertising as common bbq items. The visuals are stylized as adverts for essential items every successful barbecue needs: beer, meat, condiments, ice-cream, and are accompanied by witty captions such as “Please put us on everything” to reflect junior employee enthusiasm, as well as “Alarmingly Expensive” to describe Snapchat ad space.

Agency life is imperfect, yes, but let’s be real: It’s still pretty darn great. You can preview some of Dennis’s funny and clever visuals below, and if you want more, head over to his Tumblr page.

Baked beans creative ideas BBQ item
Junior Team: Please put us on everything
Cannes Cola bbq item
Snap Chat ad space
Juicy agency spy candy
Agency BBQ meat


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