Artist swaps paint for needle & thread to create embroidery landscapes

From billowing clouds to rainbow-hued sunsets, Russian artist Vera Shimuniu has definitely mastered the art of landscape embroidery.

Instead of using paints to create masterful landscapes like a typical artist, Vera uses her embroidery skills to create intricate scenes that have to be seen to be believed.

Vera Shimunia embroidery landscape artworks

Stitched together using a range of colourful threads, Vera crafts her landscapes onto palm-sized embroidery hoops. Applying multiple stitch and knot styles, she also employs differently textured threads from thin to thick. This allows her works to appear to jump out of the canvas.

Depicting big skies, deep blue seas, and the autumnal forest, this completely self-taught artist was inspired by ‘love’.

“I just decided to try. And when I made my first embroidered piece the boy I liked (he has great taste and he is in art community) wrote me: ‘you did this?? So cool’ and I decided to continue.”

Vera Shimunia embroidery landscape artworks

Embroidery art is really pushing the boundaries of creativity at the moment, particularly in Russia. And with a growing Instagram follower count of over 200k people, it’s easy to see why Vera’s talent and imagination have not peaked.

Vera Shimunia embroidery landscape artworks

“I started to publish my embroidery experiments in Instagram and people start to write me, ‘can I buy it?’ And I thought – why not.”

As well as small scale landscape scenes Vera also creates tiny finger tip-sized pieces. Her latest works, however, merge embroidered landscapes with real images to create surrealistic scenes.

Scroll down to check out more of her latest work. You can find more of Vera’s work on instagram, and purchase her embroidery designs on Etsy.

Vera Shimunia embroidery landscape artworks
Vera Shimunia embroidery landscape artworks
Vera Shimunia embroidery landscape artworks


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