Elements of a successful creative pitch

The University of Southern California’s Online Master’s in Communication Management program has come up with an infographic titled Elements of a Successful Creative Pitch that details elements to take note of when promoting ideas to clients.

You’ve got one shot to dazzle your clients with your idea, so get your audience prepared for your presentation by setting the stage. Be sure to include walk-in music, a printed itinerary, welcome videos, and light refreshments. Just make sure to consider the best format for your presentation.

And as a presenter, you need to build chemistry with your audience. By building those connections, you are more likely to retain their attention and sell them on your pitch. With that in mind, check out the infographic below:


Do you think that this infographic is a good guide to refer to before a creative pitch? What strategies work for you?

Source: http://communicationmgmt.usc.edu/msp-resources/infographics/infographic-elements-of-a-creative-pitch/

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