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Artist turns scrap metal into nature art

It’s true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And for this self-taught artist based in Gloucestershire, UK, scrap metal is his canvas. Dan Rawlings works with recycled tools, old vehicles, and anything else he finds; turning this scrap metal into beautiful tree and plant sculptures that merge with nature.Continue Reading..


Artist uses old saws to create ‘cutting edge’ art

Nebraska-based artist Cindy Chinn thought that there was something interesting about owning a plasma torch. She didn’t have much experience working with steel and had only used the torch once before. After finally purchasing a plasma torch for herself, Cindy had a welder friend teach her the basics of welding. She had seen amazing torch work on recycled objects, like shovels and wheelbarrows; fancy lace and ornamental designs by some very talented artists. Consequently, Cindy began to experiment with her new skills and metal art.Continue Reading..

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