Absurd life quotes that everyone can relate to

Life is a funny thing that nobody really understands — especially if you’re a Millennial. And the truth is it’s much more absurd than your parents told you. In fact, anyone who tries to tell you that they’ve got it all figured out is either lying to you or deluded. We should just live our lives day to day, roll with the punches, and accept the absurdity of life. I mean, what else can you do? That’s why Tumblr blog Absurd Life Quote has created the following collection of humorous and philosophical one-liners about human habits and experiences. 

Many of these quotes offer a funny twist, playing with our expectations. After all, how many people would say that their favourite childhood memory was not paying bills? Let’s take a look at a few of the quotes below:

"'I'll see you in court' is the grown up version of 'I'm telling mom'"
"My love is like a candle, if you forget about me I'll burn your house down"
"The human body has 7 trillion nerves, and you manage to get on every single one of them"
Absurd life quotes: "7 billion people on the planet and I have 2 real friends"
"When you miss a call but call back one second later and no one answers. WTF"
"What's your favourite position in bed? 'Next to the wall so I can use my phone while it's charging'"
Absurd life quotes: "It may look like I'm having deep thoughts, but really I'm just thinking about what to eat next"
"Relationship goals: Form a relationship"
"The problem with rich people is that I'm not one"
Absurd life quotes: "Your secret is safe with me... and my best friend"

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