A brutally honest take on a graphic designer’s logic

The concept of the left and right brain has become a well-known part of human psychology. While we all use both sides of the brain, each of us has a dominant side; this dominant side makes up for a huge part of our personalities. For a graphic designer’s logic, they use the right side of their brain; the creative side.

Therefore, clients usually think with the opposite side, which is more strategy and business logic. Both a client and a designer’s logic may be different, but they are most effective in certain ways. And while it’s easy to poke fun at the stupid things that clients have said to graphic designers, what if the tables were turned?

That’s why design resource website Pixelo has compiled the strange aspects of a graphic designer’s logic in its latest comical animation.

From poking fun at designers who buy products for their packaging, to highlighting their tendency of focusing more on the menu design rather than the food, this video doesn’t hold back its brutally honest take on a graphic designer’s logic.

Watch the animation below.

To continue poking fun at graphic designers, look at the things they do to annoy their clients.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/pixelodeals/videos/1431079236989674/

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