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Are you trying to conceal your caffeine addiction? Try the world’s first colourless coffee

Are you one of those people who can’t start their day without a cup of coffee? There are many benefits to enjoying a hot cup of joe every morning, including: lowering the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and MS. However, that constant coffee drinking can lead to addiction. Enter the world’s first colourless coffee.Continue Reading..


Design graduate builds a gun that transforms your tears into bullets

We all cry sometimes when we’re sad or hurt. But crying is more than a symptom of sadness; it’s triggered by a range of feelings—from empathy and surprise to anger and grief. Not all of these emotions are easy to see, however tears happen to be a common signal.Continue Reading..


Keep your mouth ‘Whopper Fresh’ with Burger King toothpaste

Do you enjoy the taste of a flame broiled Whopper? What if you could keep that taste in your mouth when you brush your teeth? Burger King France has cooked up a new Whopper Toothpaste with its agency Buzzman. Or at least, that’s what they’d like you to believe.Continue Reading..


Beautiful tattoos that look like watercolour art

Instagram and Pinterest are great sources of inspiration when it comes to ideas for tattoos. This is especially true now, given how contemporary tattoo artists are getting more creative than ever with the medium.Continue Reading..


10 desk exercise routines for designers

Being a designer might make it easy to get your creative juices flowing, but it also keeps your body stagnant. It seems like everyone is working longer hours these days, which makes it harder to find the time to exercise. But what if you could actually work out at work?Continue Reading..


The unintentional exercises designers do while working

It takes a lot of work to get a chiselled look and rock-hard abs. The way I see it though, who needs a six-pack when you have a keg. That being said, physical activity has a positive impact on brain health.Continue Reading..


Dry pool lets you float your worries away

Do you love the idea of being able to float in the pool, relax, and not have to think of you stresses? However, if you can’t seem to find the time, this dry pool may be what you need.Continue Reading..


Testicles give amusing cancer testi-monials

Did you know that testicular cancer is the most prevalent cancer in men aged 15 to 29? The good news is that it’s also among the most treatable when caught early. Don’t just take my word for it, let these testicles do the talking.Continue Reading..


Pepsi Light packaging looks like a dumbbell

People in Brazil are finding unconventional ways to work out and strength train these days, so to Pepsi has created some ‘lightweight’ workout equipment. The soda brand recently unveiled its newest campaign for Pepsi Light (which is the name for Diet Pepsi in a few other countries) that features its product in dumbbell shaped bottles.Continue Reading..


Deadpool presents a humorous testicular cancer PSA

Over the weekend the movie Deadpool brought in an estimated $150 million at the box office. And although this is the largest opening for a February movie, Ryan Reynolds—while dressed as Deadpool—took the time to talk testicular cancer.

Continue Reading..

Shake up your cooking routine with Foodie Dice

These days we’re more obsessed with food than ever before. There are television shows and channels dedicated to our love of eats. But if you’re feeling uninspired in the kitchen, these fun dice will help get their creative juices flowing.Continue Reading..


Get a scream out of the top designer fears

Design careers have their challenges just like any other profession. And while designers experience fear on some level, the difference between success and failure is how they deal with that fear. With Halloween coming up, Creative Market asked designers to rank the worst of their terrors, depending on how scary each of them seemed at the moment.Continue Reading..