Fruit of the Loom has a message for shirtless selfie men on Instagram

For men on social media, the shirtless selfie has become a ubiquitous calling card, shamelessly saying, “Here I am! See me! Notice me! ‘Like’ me!” Clothing brand Fruit of the Loom has taken notice and are worried that men’s lower-quality shirts are being #ripped and #shredded.

According to their recent social media campaign, every 7.3 seconds, a man posts a photo of himself without a shirt. So, in order to tackle this growing issue, Fruit of the Loom is urging men to #PutAShirtOn and stop the senseless spread of shirtlessness.

The tongue-in-cheek PSA begins with images of men’s shirtless selfies flashing across the screen. From gym bros to male models, the narrator states: “A concern that last year alone exposed over 352 million people to a tragic problem. Shirts are falling apart before men can take a picture in them.”

Help stop the spread of the shirtless selfie

Some might think the shirtless selfie trend is something obvious, like narcissism—but Fruit of the Loom. Their solution? Fruit of the Loom’s Eversoft tees with Dual Defence. Men can defend against odour and moisture and also against shirtlessness.

The video urges friends and families to attack the problem head on with just one hashtag a day: #PutAShirtOn.

The digital campaign, created by CP+B, went out across all Fruit of the Loom social media platforms. It’s already created engagement with several people who are more than aware of the social media plague of shirtlessness. However, it’s already offended at least one person: a man, who told Fruit of the Loom not to tell him what to do; which is fair.

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