For better fitting chairs, IKEA wants to 3D-print your ass

Finding a comfortable gaming chair can be tough—especially if you’re going to be playing Fortnite for hours on end. If you’ve ever dreamt of having a chair that was perfect for your ass, IKEA is making that dream come true.

Rather than having to ‘Goldilocks’ your way through a bunch of chairs to find the one that’s just right, IKEA has collaborated with 3D printing company Unyq and e-sports group Area Academy to create a chair that is moulded after your ass.

The three brands aim to create a customized prototype chair that will lead to offering extreme comfort for the estimated two billion gamers worldwide. Based on 2016 statistics, a gamer can spend approximately six hours a week playing games on their PC or iPhone.

For better fitting chairs, IKEA wants to 3D-print your ass

So, in order to achieve maximum comfort, the companies have designed a hydraulic stool that scans your ass and 3D-prints the chair according to its contours. Exactly how the experience would work in-store hasn’t been developed yet, but it would require both a 3D scan and a 3D print. While mass production of 3D-printed products still remain in its infant stages, IKEA intends to commercialize this concept by 2020.

So why does IKEA suddenly care so much about gaming? The Swedish furniture giant is looking to diversify its offerings by tapping into the US$137 billion industry. This could prove a strategic move as hardcore gamers are usually early adopters of the latest technologies. Furthermore, which gamer wouldn’t want to sitting in complete comfort whilst battling away on the digital front?