Lingerie campaign celebrates models of all sizes and bans airbrushing

UK-based lingerie brand Figleaves has released its latest campaign that includes a cast models of different sizes, shapes and ethnicities. What also makes this campaign special is that Figleaves is the latest brand to ban airbrushing in their ads.

To promote their autumn/winter line, the online lingerie and swimwear brand vowed not to use any retouching to distort the natural beauty of their models. Showcasing their stunning figures, the models display poses that celebrate their curves, stretch-marks and lumps and bumps.

The campaign, titled ‘Confidence looks great on you’, is part of Figleaves’ ongoing commitment to inclusivity within the industry. It’ll feature darker shades of nude garments to cater for a range of different skin colours.

Among the models is Khrystyana Kazakova, who rose to fame on America’s Next Top Model and has since graced the pages of Sports Illustrated. Russian-born Khrystyana is a body positivity activist and founder of the Real Catwalk, a guerrilla open-air catwalk show that features people of all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities and genders. She will be feature sans airbrushing alongside curve model Jennifer Atilemile and Zimbabwean-born Nyasha Matonhodze.

Figleaves lingerie campaign bans airbrushing with model Khrystyana Kazakova Figleaves lingerie campaign bans airbrushing with model Jennifer Atilemile Figleaves lingerie campaign bans airbrushing with model Nyasha Matonhodze

“Figleaves welcomes all women and it’s important they feel visually represented when they visit our website… This is a journey for us. We recognize we have a way to go but are fully committed to becoming truly inclusive,” explained Jenni Burt, head of buying and brand at Figleaves.

The way in which the three models pose is also unique. Khrystyana, Jennifer and Nyasha aren’t consistently arranged into classic lingerie poses that make their limbs look longer and their stomachs flatter. Instead, they stretch, lounge and hunch to show how the garments will move and sit on real bodies. Tummy rolls are celebrated rather than being stigmatized and the natural grain and texture of the skin is allowed to shine through rather than being eradicated with airbrushing.

Commenting on the campaign’s theme, Jenni Burt added: “With its combination of fashion and fit our product certainly contributes to confidence. And confidence both looks and feels great whatever your size.”