Get paid quicker with these 10 invoicing software solutions

If you’re included in the near 56 million Americans that are freelancing, then you know just how many decisions you have to make once you’ve made that leap. No matter if you freelance full- or part-time, you know the endless amount of choices that are now up to you (and you alone) to now make.

From website hosting to business cards, working hours to services offered, the decisions you need to make regarding your freelancing venture can be overwhelming. One of the most important ones you need to make is which invoicing software to use — for as a freelancer, you want to ensure you’re actually getting paid for your services.

This choice, too, can lead you down yet another rabbit hole of decisions for which software is best for both you and your business. The options out there all offer the same base option of invoicing, but the additional features can turn this simple choice into a head-spinning comparison of what works best. Do you want templated invoices, or the ability to create your own? Do you want allover customer relationship management, or just the ability to create and send invoices?

No matter what, you want this choice to be the best decision for you and your business. Unlike the 9 to 5 office background you might be coming from, you’re now entirely in charge of ensuring you get paid. There’s no accounting or payroll department that ensures your earned wages lands reliably in your account every two weeks, and you’ll want to ensure that you’re making this decision with that in mind. Choose software that will make the payment process as easy as it can be, so you can focus on other things—like doing the work that ensures you get paid.

As tricky as this decision can look to the beginning freelancer, you don’t need to go in blindly. Intuit Mint put together a list of the 10 best invoicing software options on the market right now that all ensure freelancers get paid on time. Check out their prices and most notable features, and the only decision you’ll need to make is which one to install and start using right away!

Infographic: 10 best invoicing software solutions for freelancers

10 best invoicing software solutions for freelancers

As a freelancer, time is money — so use these tools to earn money while saving time.

Why you should use invoicing software as a freelancer

  • Ensures you get paid faster and always on time
  • Customizes customer invoices and encourages retention
  • Records are kept of each bill, making auditing easy

Best software for invoicing


Pairs users with real-life assistance that helps with anything needed while running a freelance business.
Cost: Free for managing 1 active client, US$18 monthly for Pro subscription.


It allows users to customize invoices and directly receive payments to efficiently run their business.
Cost: Ranges from free to US$35 monthly.


It helps users create and track invoices so users can find the best workflow.
Cost: Ranges from free to US149 monthly.

Quickbooks Self-Employed

Equips freelancers with financial management software to easily track their invoices and expenditures.
Cost: US$7 per month


Bonsai allows users to track everything involving their business, from contacts to invoicing, in one dashboard.
Cost: US$12 monthly when paid annually.


Tracks invoicing, customer relationship, project management and other parts of freelancing for users.
Cost: Ranges from US$12 to $59 monthly.


Freshbooks gives its users an automated invoicing solution allowing users to quickly send payment reminders.
Cost: Ranges from US$15 to $50 monthly.


They specialize in sending freelance invoices and keeping users motivated to meet their profit goals.
Cost: US$19 monthly for the Freelance plan.


Provides client relationship management software, allowing users to manage prospects to proposals in one place.
Cost: US$40 monthly or $400 yearly.


Integrates invoices, calendars, and contacts for a one-stop organized solution for small businesses.
Cost: Ranges from US$45 monthly to $395 for two years.


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